Papua New Guinea Roots Washed – Filter


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Roast style: Filter
Origin: Papua New Guinea
Region: Okapa District, Eastern Highlands
Varietal: Typica and Arusha
Altitude: 1800-2000 MASL
Process: Washed
Cupping Notes: Milk chocolate, honey dew, with a lemon acidity

PNG has been growing coffee since the 1920’s and it is now their second largest agricultural export after palm oil. However, it’s been only in the recent years that we’ve started seeing specialty-grade coffee come from this origin.

This coffee in particular comes from the “Roots No. 1” supply chain, managed by Mr. Tony “Roots” Tokah. The group is deeply passionate about elevating the quality of PNG coffee, and aspires to be the number 1 coffee supplier in their country.

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