Panama Drima Zede


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Origin: Panama

Producer: Ninety Plus Coffee

Region: Volcan

Varietal: Caturra

Altitude: 1,800-2,300 MASL

Process: Drima Zede

Cupping Notes: Fig, dark chocolate, clove & orange zest

The Ninety Plus story began in Ethiopia where founder Joseph Brodsky experimented with new natural process methods for traditional heirloom coffees, with the results capturing the attention of the specialty coffee industry. These process methods were shared with coffee producers in Panama in 2007, and eventually resulted in Ninety Plus owning and operating more than 1000 hectares of coffee land in the western highlands of Panama. Here, Ethiopian heirloom varieties are grown under full forest canopy, with the farms resembling ecological parks.

Drima Zede was first developed in Ethiopia in 2013 in the effort to improve the flavour of more common coffee varieties through deeper fermentation. This process has been applied to the caturra variety grown in Panama, to create a rich cup. We love the complexity and intensity of this coffee.

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