Ethiopia Worka Washed


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Origin: Ethiopia
Region: Dimtu, Worka Sakaro
Variety: Heirloom
Altitude: 1,800–2,212  MASL
Process: Washed
Cupping Notes: Lychee, yellow peach & black tea

This lot is produced via the team at G&F (Gizaw and Frehiwot).

Alemayehu (Gizaw’ s father) produced coffee from his large privately owned coffee farms in the surrounding areas of Yirgacheffe until the new socialist government emerged in 1974 and nationalized his farms. Scared by these events, the then-young Gizaw did not see any future in farm ownership due to the harsh new government policies. Instead, he shifted his focus to coffee processing, supplying in a modern approach in pursuit of his father’s vision with his wife, Frehiwot.

This regional lot is supplied by more than 400 smallholders’ that live on the slopes of a mountain called Rudu. Cherries are handpicked, sorted, and then delivered to Gizaw’s washing station where they are further sorted into grades using density channels, fermented for 36-72 hours, washed, floated for defects, and then sent to raised drying tables for 8-15 days or until desired moisture content is reached (11.5%).

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