Ethiopia Teman Aba Mecha Natural


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Roast style: Espresso

Origin: Ethiopia

Region: Bashasha, Gomma, Jimma

Varietal: Heirloom 74165

Altitude: 1,800-1,900 MASL

Process: Natural

Cupping Notes: Peach tea, blackcurrant & apricot

Espresso recipe: TBA

We’d love to introduce you to Teman Aba Mecha. Teman owns a 12 hectare farm near the village of Bashasha in the Oromia region of Ethiopia. Because of the structure of the coffee trading system in Ethiopia it is very unusual to be able to trace green coffee back to the farmer, which makes this lot even more special! Teman processed this coffee as a natural lot, which was fermented for between 12-24 hours and then dried for between 15-20 days.

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