Ethiopia Tarekegn Gutu Natural


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Roast style: Omni
Producer: Tarekegn Gutu
Origin: Ethiopia
Region:  Yirgacheffe, Gedeo
Varietal: Kurume, 74110, 74112
Altitude: 2100 MASL
Process: Natural
Cupping notes: Port, Kiwi fruit, Nutella

Tarekegn Gutu is a young producer who followed his father’s footsteps and decided to quit school and start coffee farming. As an independent young boy, he inherited a half-hectare from his father back in 2010. Since then, Tarekgen has kept acquiring and contracting additional coffee farms. As of the 2019/20 cropping season, Tarekgen Gutu owns a total of 4.8 hectares. He is one of a few young coffee farmers in the area and puts a lot of time and energy into coffee agronomy and processing to produce high-quality coffee lots.

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