Burundi Kirasa Natural


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Roast Style: Espresso
Washing station Manager: Emile Ndikumasabo
Agronomist: Anne-Marie Niyakire
Origin: Burundi
Region: Kirasa, Gitunda
Variety: Red Bourbon
Altitude: 1100 masl
Process: Natural
Cupping notes: Marmelade, cola & lemon
Espresso recipe: 20g in, 48g out in 26 seconds

This is our second year buying coffees through the The Akawa Project. It seeks to assist Burundian coffee farmers to make a living though sustainable coffee production. Due to government regulations, soil fertilisation is an expensive practice in Burundi. Add to this that 90% of coffee trees are over 10 years old (meaning that they produce very little coffee), most coffee farmers in Burundi live below the poverty line.

Money raised through The Akawa Project goes toward soil rejuvenation, plant nurseries & renovation, water treatment and training programs. We are grateful that we have the opportunity to support such an important project.

More info at http://akawa-project.com/

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